Director Ruth came to me wanting help planning and creating her promotional content, as well as clarity in how to connect with her audience - which is, by nature, an audience with very different interests to her own.

Vialma came to me having recently purchased the rights to 50+ videos of iconic jazz musicians in concert, from the present-day right back to the 50s and 60s. They wanted to leverage access to these videos to gain more signups to their streaming service. They asked me to write informative and compelling introductions to each video, persuading the reader to click play, and sign up if they needed to.

Econics founders, Alex and Tasha, came to me having seen my work on Cornwall Lawn Robotics' website. They had already written their own copy but wanted to upgrade it to achieve a similar style of informative yet easy-to-understand conversion copy. They asked me to audit and overhaul any areas of their copy that needed work and write new sections where necessary.

Kind words from happy clients...