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Content that serves your purpose

For purpose-driven businesses, creating content is your big chance to get your work out there, to spread your message far and wide, and bring your dream customers around to your way of thinking. 

But the problem is, it’s loud out there. Everyone is competing for your customers’ attention and you don’t have much space to make your move. 

It’s tempting to create tons of empty content just to ‘be present’ on your blog and social media – to cast the net wide and see what you catch. But you run the risk of diluting your impact because your followers lose faith in what you have to offer.

Well made content is not only engaging but builds confidence in your brand. It positions you as an authority in your field so people want to come back again and again. But how do you create content regularly enough to be noticed that’s rich enough with, well, actual content when you simply don’t have the time?

Luckily, I can help with that.

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Blogs & Articles

Share your expertise. Build trust. Make connections.

Whether it’s a thought leadership piece, a How-To guide, or an interview, blogs and articles are an excellent way to not only inform and entertain, but place you as an expert in the mind of the reader, so that when they next need what you offer, they’ll look for you.

As a result, you’ll get more people spreading your message and more traffic to your website. So you can finally create that change you’ve been wanting to see, and on an even bigger scale.

To make sure each opportunity counts, all my blogs and articles are extensively researched, search engine optimised as standard, and submitted to you with accompanying social media captions and email copy included. So they’re ready to share with your loyal fans. And catch those new ones too. 

I wanted to say thank you for writing such beautiful articles for Stay at Home Choir. We’re so excited to be able to start putting them out.

What expertise can you share to bring in new customers? Book a call and let’s find out.

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Social Media Copy

Stop the Scroll with captions that catch the eye.

Capturing attention on social media is hard. You need words that stop your dream customers in their tracks. That show them exactly who you are and why they need you in just a few words. 

But creating eye-catching content every day takes up valuable time. And unless you’re an expert in how each social media channel works to engage users, you could be missing out on those key potential followers and sales. Especially painful if you’ve invested your hard-earned money in an ad campaign that falls flat.

Luckily, that’s where I come in. Let me take care of the words, creating show-stopping captions that capture your dream followers. That tell them the story of who you are in a way they can’t help but connect with. And that lead them directly to the next step in their journey with you.

We loved how simply Fizz refreshed our message, bringing clarity, character and wording that practically sold our own product to us!

Tasha Van Reenen & Alex Edwards

Directors, Econic Solutions

Tired of chasing those elusive likes? Let’s get you back on top with some catchy captions.

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Video Scripts

Spoken word. Still crafted to sell.

You know the feeling. You get in front of the camera, look down the lens, and suddenly everything you had ready to say completely disappears from your head. Your mind is blank, your mouth is dry, and you feel that panic start to build from your chest.

Though we spend ages crafting the written words on our website, blog, and social media – making sure each word is well placed to lead our readers to where we want them to go – we somehow believe that our videos should just come ‘off the cuff’. 

But as video content becomes a bigger part of how we connect with our potential customers, it’s just as important that the words you say are crafted with care to create the outcome you want. So let me take care of the hard bit, and provide you with a cleverly-written video script that connects and converts. Not only will you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but your video will make the impact you want it to. 

This sounds so much better than what I could have done. Thank you so much!

Book and call and let’s work out how we can keep you cool in front of the camera.

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Content Strategy

Know what to say and when to say it.

You’ve got your product, campaign, or service offer all ready to go. You’ve got your shiny new website full of incredible copy ready to sell for you. You’ve set up your social media accounts, and had photos taken you can’t wait to share all over your feed.

But what on earth do you say? 

You’ve got some ideas for the first few posts. But after that your mind’s blank. You know you need to show up consistently to build your audience, but you’re spending too much valuable time worrying about what to post. 

Why not get rid of the guesswork and add a content strategy session to any of your packages? We’ll work together to come up with valuable content ideas that will make your audience sit up and listen. Or you can go one step further and get your own personalised content calendar. I’ll do all the work for you, handing you a timeline of post ideas that will provide you with 3, 6, or 12 months of engaged conversations with your audience.

Great attitude, thorough in her approach and we were able to trust that Fizz would do a good job with little work on our side

Stuck for post ideas? Let’s take planning content off your to-do list.

Let’s find out how I can help you create more impact.

Have a look at my previous Content projects for some inspiration.

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I’m so excited you’re ready to invest in your copy and make a greater impact in the world!

My speciality is writing words that make people take action. And I LOVE using that superpower to help make the world a better place. 

So now you know why I’m here – tell me a bit about you!

A little bit more about me...

I live in London, but grew up in Cornwall. I miss either one when I’m not there.

I love the bars, restaurants, theatres, lights, and noise of London, but also love camping in the middle of nowhere, paddleboarding, surfing, and hiking in the countryside. 

I live with my partner, who was also a singer, but is now a chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant and focuses on sustainable cooking. (Lucky me!)

We also have a miniature longhaired dachshund, called Alfie. He is adorable. And expensive. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet him when we chat. If he’s not at the vets, again.

I still sing a little bit professionally on the side, and am a member of the Choir of the Chapels Royal, HM Tower of London. Basically I get to swan around the Tower of London pretending I’m Anne Boleyn. What’s not to love?

I worked as a supermarket delivery driver in the pandemic while I was getting my new business going. So I’m not afraid of hard work. But please don’t ask me to carry any more crates of bottled water to the 33rd floor.

I love eating. (Did I mention how excited I am that my partner’s a chef?)

I love a challenge, so I started training to do triathlons last year, despite not having ever run 5km before then. This helps with the ‘living with a chef’ and ‘loving eating’ thing.